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When registering through our website, please establish a direct contractual relationship (legal obligation) with us. The registration terms include limitations and exclusions of legal liability, and cancellation and change fees that must be paid if registration is canceled or changed after confirmation. We suggest that you carefully read the applicable registration terms when registering. The registration terms include limitations and exclusions of legal liability, and cancellation and change fees that must be paid if registration is canceled or changed after confirmation.

Guaranteed departure

  • Feel The Phu Quoc guarantees that departures are posted on the feelthephuquoc.com website.
  • Information about tours and departure dates in guidebooks and other printed materials may change at any time and do not constitute part of the guarantee program.
  • The company’s website is the sole source from which the company will guarantee departures. A departure is guaranteed only when a customer has confirmed registration for that departure date (registration must include a minimum deposit payment made to be considered “confirmed”). This guarantee is still subject to force majeure circumstances.


Feel The Phu Quoc is not liable to customers for changes or cancellations due to objective or subjective reasons such as earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, war, strikes, protests, terrorism, political turmoil, etc. Any solutions or compensation (if any) will depend on the related Service Providers

Travel permit

Passport validity: Customers must have a valid passport to enter, depart, and travel through each destination on the tour itinerary (the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the return date).

Types of documents: Please note that “To facilitate the issuance of travel documents, all documents related to the tour such as payment vouchers, tour itineraries, invoices will be sent by email or available on the feelthephuquoc.com website” when the company has received full payment.

Detailed information about the trip: Customers are responsible for accessing the website at least 72 hours before departure to ensure they have the most up-to-date information about the trip as there may have been minor changes since the tour dossier was provided by the company initially.


The entire tour prices are quoted in Vietnamese Dong (VND). Payments made in other currencies will be converted to Vietnamese Dong (VND) at the prevailing exchange rate.

The prices include the items listed in the “Inclusions” section.

We offer discounts of 25% to 50% for children and free of charge for infants.

The information and prices on this website are not always up-to-date and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information and prices, but errors can occur. In the event of an inaccurate price due to a system error, we are not bound by that price


The entire tours or services must be paid in advance unless otherwise stated. We accept payment by Visa card, domestic ATM.

Feel The Phu Quoc will not collect your detailed credit card information. The information you provide will be absolutely secure in the technical system according to the global technology security standards (SSL) of MasterCard and the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) when you make credit card payments.

Issuing payment voucher.

After payment, Feel The Phu Quoc will send a confirmation/payment voucher via email; this voucher must be printed as proof of purchase and presented to the Service Provider.

All information about the traveler must be provided accurately at the time of registration.

Any requests for modifications/additions must be sent via email to Feel The Phu Quoc.

Feel The Phu Quoc is not responsible for any issues that may arise if you do not receive or read your confirmation/payment voucher carefully. In the event that you have not received the payment voucher, you need to inform Feel The Phu Quoc at least 72 hours before the scheduled service delivery date.

The process of canceling services and refunds.

Cancellation of all services by tour participants must be sent and received in writing: via email or fax. Feel The Phu Quoc does not accept cancellation requests over the phone.

Feel The Phu Quoc is not responsible for any cancellation requests that have not been received and confirmed back to you. In this case, cancellation fees or tour abandonment may apply

Complaints and Compensation

If customers have complaints about Feel The Phú Quốc’s services, they must first inform the tour leader as soon as possible to address the issue. If they are still not satisfied, customers can contact VTV’s representative (sales staff) during the tour to give Feel The Phú Quốc the opportunity to resolve the issue. If they are still not satisfied through these channels during the trip, customers must send any complaints directly to info@feelthephuquoc.com within 30 days from the end of the tour. The company will not be responsible for any complaints received after this deadline.


Tours/packages/products sold with promotional codes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Furthermore, all discounts and reward points advertised on this website are only valid for feelthephuquoc.com and are subject to change on other websites linked to feelthephuquoc.com.


When completing a registration, you agree to receive emails that we may send you, providing you with information about your destination and specific information related to your registration and destinations, and we may send you an email inviting you to fill out a customer evaluation form

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