Phu Quoc tourism should, should not do.

Because there are things that you should and should not do when traveling to Phu Quoc that you may not know, but others have had the opportunity to learn. So if you want to have a truly perfect Phu Quoc trip, please pay attention to the following do’s and don’ts!


The 3 island tour: Hon Mong Tay – Hon Gam Ghi – Hon May Rut is already very popular with everyone. However, if you only go on the 3 island tour, in my opinion, it will be a bit wasteful because the tour will start at 9 am and end around 3 pm. By the time you return to the hotel to rest, you would have lost a whole day.


I recommend everyone to take the 4-island tour: Hon Mong Tay – Hon Gam Ghi – Hon May Rut – Hon Thom with the cable car for a fun and relaxing experience and to catch the sunset over the Mediterranean-inspired area, which is currently super hot. You should choose cable car rides near the end, around 4-4:30 pm, as the sun is gradually setting, and the sparkling sea and fishing village from above are just amazing!

The price for these tours is around or under 1 million VND, including transportation, cable car tickets, meals, and drinks, so it’s quite affordable and not much different from the 3-island tour.


Usually people only know about the Phu Quoc tour that includes snorkeling to see the coral reefs with goggles and a breathing tube. That’s old news now, because Phu Quoc offers many more exciting diving experiences such as scuba diving, walking with diving professionals to observe the coral reefs, and many other diving spots. So, consider all the diving spots and experiences that suit you!


For the current peak season, to avoid crowds, I recommend everyone to try the experience of walking to see the corals and feed the fish at Doi Moi island, it’s super new so not many people know.

Doi Moi Island is a super small island that if you have the opportunity to stay at Vinpearl, you can also see this beautiful little island. You will be given an astronaut hat and a piece of bread to feed the fish.

Believe me, this experience has always been. If you watch the sunset with your loved one here, you can be together forever :)))


It is important to emphasize that if you are not in Vin, do not separate the day to visit these 3 areas. Firstly, these areas are quite far from the center, so traveling takes time. Secondly, each of these areas is very large, so if you don’t like any area, go to that area, it’s easy to miss the shows or special activities of each zone by the hour.


In my opinion, the ideal route to experience all three of these areas would be:

Morning should go to Safari. Remember to check in with the flamingo area and take the bus to see the animals.

Noon – Afternoon, you should go to Vinwonder to have lunch and have fun. Remember to check-in at the castle like me :))

Afternoon – evening should go to Grand World, sit on a boat on the canal, listen to Opera, think in Venice, and watch the show Vietnam Essence at 8pm.

If the team can’t get up early in the morning, they can skip the Elite show at GrandWorld and go to Night Safari to see the zoo at night instead.

Hope everyone when they come to their hometown will have the best time when traveling to Phu Quoc!

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