4 most beautiful beaches in North Island of Phu Quoc

Nature endowed Phu Quoc island with beaches with crystal clear blue water, long white sand beaches and excellent climate. Phu Quoc Island is divided into three main zones: Duong Dong Center, Nam Dao (the area with Bai Sao and Bai Khem and the works of Sun) and North Island (where it is still quite wild and is the area where the concentration of tourists is located). hotels of Vingroup).

Let’s see the beautiful photos of 4 paradise beaches in North Island of Phu Quoc!

1.Dai Beach

Located in the North of Phu Quoc Island, currently two-thirds of Bai Dai area has resorts of five-star hotels, including Vinpearl. Sunset on Bai Dai area is always a miracle of nature because every day is a different color of sunset, and the sun in Bai Dai is somehow always the most beautiful and roundest when it goes down. A small part of Bai Dai is unspoiled, unexploited and you have to live there to know the way in. Make friends with the locals to enjoy the wildness of Bai Dai when traveling to Phu Quoc!

2. Sang Giau Beach

This beach is not known by many people because you have to go through the forest to get in, but it is also located in the North Island and is parallel to Bai Dai. From Duong Dong to the North Island, when approaching Vin’s hotel area, there will be a road pointing to Nam Nghi Resort. Go all the way there, turn right and go on the rocky road to reach the beach. There is a corrugated iron shop specializing in fresh seafood dishes and delicious bamboo chicken dishes. In addition, this shop is also a Phu Quoc dog farm with many very beautiful and begging dogs.

3. Vung Bau Beach

One of the most pristine beaches when going on a tour of Phu Quoc that I know because there is still no human impact, the vegetation layer is still quite intact combined with each other like woody plants combined with flowers. coastal palm trees and poplar coconuts. The road to Vung Bau is quite complicated, but it is located on the road to go to Green Bay Phu Quoc resort, everyone.

Going from Duong Dong Center to Vung Bau beach:

+ Follow Duong Dong Cua dry road to the North of the island, then just cross Cua Can Bridge, meet the intersection, turn left and continue to go all the way. Follow the main road, turn right, go about 500m, you will meet a concrete bridge over a small river, just cross this concrete bridge to the junction and continue to turn left.

+ Continue until you reach the first beach – stretching is Vung Bau Beach (this section is a red dirt road, quite deserted, but motorbikes and cars with 29 seats or less can go. comfortable.

4. Rach Vem

Rach Vem, also known as the Sea Star Kingdom in Phu Quoc, is a fishing village area with households living in rafts, specializing in catching and trading seafood. To go to Rach Vem from Duong Dong town, it will take more than 1 hour and the road is quite bumpy because the road is not beautiful. This is also a hot check-in point when traveling to Phu Quoc for tourists because everyone is eager to take pictures with the colorful starfish. However, to protect the environment, don’t take starfish out of the water for too long because they will die. Just because a photo has a lot of likes but killing starfish is not worth it, is it?

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