Phu Quoc travel experience, what to eat and play?

Summer is the best time for tourists to come to Phu Quoc and experience the beauty of this place

Let’s see what to eat and play in Phu Quoc this summer

About places to hang out in Phu Quoc

The islands:

It takes 1 day / 1 island. The price fluctuates around 1 – 2 million / island (including shuttle bus, lunch, taking photos. Not including accompanying services such as diving to see corals, riding banana floats, water motorbikes… )


To Phu Quoc, you have to go to Vinpearl Safari. Pretty cool too. You can take a taxi or bus of Vinpearl. If you buy a ticket, you buy it from the people in the town, ask the hotel reception that they will give it very enthusiastically, the price will be cheaper than buying at the counter in Vinpearl.

Bai Sao, Sunset Senato:

These two places are different but both are beautiful beaches. Bai Sao is east and Sunset is more western, many places to live virtual. Sometimes there are beach clubs selling tickets for about 900-1 million / person.

What to eat in Phu Quoc

When you get off the plane, the first thing you have to do is to go to the restaurant to eat a plate of crab fried rice. It’s really delicious, crispy fried rice, lots of crabs and lots of meat to eat.

Next is to go  Night Market: The night market is full of everything but the price is quite expensive. Going around, you will meet many stalls selling jaggery cakes, jaggery juice, grilled seafood. Especially, grilled urchin is a must-try dish when going to Phu Quoc Night Market.

Breakfast: In the morning when traveling to Phu Quoc, you can go as early as 6am to eat  Velvet bread  at the intersection of Hung Vuong – Nguyen Trung Truc. The cakes here are strangely different from the mainland. There are fresh chili instead of chili sauce, so if you can’t eat spicy, remember not to give it, but when it’s time to bite into it, open your mouth. But here it ends very early, around 8-9am there is no cake to buy anymore.

Huynh Ky noodles: This noodle of a Chinese family sells, delicious, shrimp and fresh dumplings bite happy mouth. Each broth is a bit sweet, so if you are not used to it, you can add a little chili vinegar.

Kien Xay noodle soup: The noodle soup here is the best in town, and has also been reviewed in all groups. Some people come to Phu Quoc for 4 days and eat 3 breakfasts here because it’s so delicious.

Banh Canh Phung and Banh Canh Canh Dau: If you are tired of seafood, banh chung will be a great choice for lunch or dinner. The soup here is cooked in the Southern style, so it will be a bit sweet.

Where to eat seafood:

Rach Vem, go ahead, everyone. Here, seafood leads Phu Quoc in terms of both freshness and processing. Khanh Hao friends house is the best. Come here, both live virtual on the ball howling and eat delicious. There are grouper steamed with soy sauce, crab fried with tamarind, shrimp with burnt garlic, crab rice and whole extract salad which are the best dishes of friends. Shrimps and crabs are freely chosen. Grouper caught in front of the hut to eat fresh. Herring salad is rated 5 stars a lot.

Crab fried rice here is also special, it is not like in Ra Khoi but has a distinct taste, remember after eating. The price here, if you eat a table of 6 people, order all over there 1.2kg fish, 2 dishes of crab rice, 1kg of crab and shrimp each, 1 dish of salad, 1 million 290, including fresh water. Must be called super cheap but quality.

Changing the wind to eat Western food in Phu Quoc:

There are many Western restaurants, but only 3 stand out. But going in the West season, you have to book a table or you have to wait for a long time to have a table.

Saigonese: This shop has delicious dumplings, it’s a strange burger with rich meat filling. Pan-fried duck, grilled chicken here are also delicious. But the standout must be the dumpling. 8 people ate more than 1 million.

Crab house: Bucket-style seafood like the Thai side. 1 bucket poured out for me to eat. There are many varieties from blue mussels, snow crabs, lobsters, crayfish, crayfish, squid, clams. Cajun sauce and crabhouse sauce are two of the best. If everyone wants to eat snow crab, when you call to book a table, remember to ask if there are crabs today. The dining table includes a special bucket, 1kg of cajun black tiger shrimp, a few extra snacks, drinks for 8 people, it’s all 3 million.

Ganesh: This Indian restaurant seems to have a branch in SG. Here, like many other Indian restaurants, the menu has naan, chicken, and horse as the main. The rice varieties are better in Hanoi. Tandoori or curry is even more excellent, eating white meat does not have residue. Naan is as big as a pan. 4 people eat 1 naan only. The price is also quite cheap, a full meal of highlights for 4 people is 900k.

What gifts to buy home?

People who want to buy fresh seafood should wake up early, around 4am – 5am to the market at the foot of the bridge, behind the Night Market. Feel free to buy fresh food to bring back as a gift. In addition, you can buy soaked beans at Night Market, jaggery cakes, squid rim with tamarind, milk crabs roasted with fish sauce, green pepper, black pepper, fish sauce… These are all famous specialties of Phu Quoc.

In general, everyone should choose “Phu Quoc tour” once, to eat seafood tirelessly and play to the wharf.


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